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My background is working in State of Texas Higher Education. I have over 20 years of experience in computer software training, troubleshooting, or finding resolutions for users who may be uncomfortable with the tools they are supplied with. In previous and current employement, I've had regular requests to find solutions with limited or no budget in order to provide services needed in the classroom, office space, or for users one-on-one. This could include anything from putting together a desk chair, recording or producing a video presentation, setting up a room for video conferencing, complete classroom design and remodelling, to building an house digital signage system. I also would receive requests regularly for daily tasks such as solving a printing issue, or troubleshooting wifi connections on a mobile device.



Technology & Operations Manager - The Mayborn School of Journalism

During my tenure at the Mayborn School, we underwent construction of a new home in a different building. This required over a year of planning with campus facilities to build new offices & computing facilities. I designed all classroom facilities for the school and worked regularly met with with the campus facilities during construction. I also supervised one full time staff member in charge of maintaining our TV station on campus, as well as a group of up to 20 students employees who needed to be replaced and retrained on a regular basis for their jobs. I also chaired the school's technology & space planning committee overseeing various planning projects throughout the school.

Tasked with maintaining an inventory of over 100 desktop/laptop computers & printers, as well as over 100 different pieces of A/V equipment for student checkout, including camcorders, still photo cameras, iPads, microphones, cables, headphones... The school utilized a system of fee depreciation to cover equipment costs which required maintenance of inventory as well as keeping track of budgets and depreciation of all equipment.


Instructional Technologist - University of Texas at Arlington Libraries

Managed the UTA Library's Digital Media Studio, providing tools and hands on training for University personnel and students. This included experience and training in many A/V and creative software titles from Adobe, Apple, and others. With my background in computer education, it goes hand in hand with customer service as I have training and experience in assistance and training of technology for any level of literacy of the tools required.



Masters Degree -
Instructional Technology

University of North Texas


Bacherlors Degree

University of North Texas


Various Multimedia Courses

Digital Training & Design, Dallas, TX

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